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From Agency Partnerships to Operational Excellence: Why Tenx4 is evolving to help organizations where we’re needed most


For the past several years, Tenx4 has been helping brands identify the right strategic agency partners. Our focus has always been about the fit, rather than the win. We’ve helped both brands and agencies ensure that the partnership is right for both sides and that there is alignment across fundamental partnership requirements, budget and scope, services, team expertise and chemistry. 

Through our work, we began to see that having the right agency partnerships in place can only get you so far if your organization does not have the right internal operating processes and the right tools to truly support your team. 

Tenx4’s business is built on a core idea: How can we be uniquely useful to the industry? In the spirit of helping people do business better, we’ve identified another way we can be helpful. 

Especially now, with such uncertain economic times, marketers and organizations are under more pressure than ever to prove the effectiveness of investments. Organizations are running lean and must do more with less, while also continuing to meet growth goals. You need to know that you have the right partners, processes, technologies and tools in place to be successful. Your job may depend on this. 

So many of our friends, clients and colleagues are facing this same challenge. This is why we decided to bring this natural extension of Tenx4’s services to the market. 

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our services to help organizations “right-size” your existing tech stack and processes in order to drive better efficiency. 

We’ll help you ensure that your tech stack is the right fit for your organization by eliminating shelfware or implementing new tools. We can also support developing new processes or simply improving on what currently exists. Wherever there are gaps or duplications, we can find solutions with the ultimate goal of helping you find the right fit for your organization to improve efficiencies.

A tool and process is only as good as how it's being used. If you’re wondering if you are optimizing efficiently in today’s market, we’re here to help.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your org or team have processes that are highly manual and labor intensive?
  • Are you lacking a formalized or repeatable process? 
  • Do you have too many underutilized tools or multiple overlapping tools?

Developing standardized ways of working will increase speed without downgrading quality, and can even help your agency partnerships be more effective as well. Clearing out shelfware and ensuring you are leveraging the best tools for your org will help the bottom line.

How we help:

  • Discovery: Conduct a deep-dive discovery of existing tools and processes to identify inefficiencies, gaps or duplications 
  • Vetting: Evaluate potential tools based on organizational needs and business requirements
  • Recommendation: Suggest tools and processes to eliminate or implement 
  • Implementation: Partner with key stakeholders to build out the tool and/or process
  • Development: Architect the discipline and rigor around best practices for broad adoption
  • Enablement: Train teams to best utilize tools for operational excellence  

Through our services-based approach, we partner with organizations to help you achieve operational efficiency, and ultimately, to drive business growth.

An agency is not a silver bullet for internal operational deficiencies. Having the right agency partnerships in place can only get you so far if you are not operating efficiently.  Improving organizational processes and adoption of tools, in addition to making sure the right partners are in place, will help everyone do business better.