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Adobe’s Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM) is sunsetting and requires complicated, time intensive and dedicated expertise for the migration to Adobe Launch. Starting tomorrow, Thursday, July 7th, you will no longer be able to create new properties in DTM. As of October of 2020, anyone using Adobe DTM will have "read only" access to the platform with no allowance to create additional. In April of 2021, DTM will be completely gone.

As with any migration (CMS and CRMs to analytics suites), the process come with its own sets of challenges and proper implementation, documentation, tracking and testing will be paramount for a seamless transition into the new platform. Tag manager solutions are an integral part to an analytics journey and most importantly, the solution must come with proper set up and full data compliancy in the world of GDPR and CCPA.

What are the challenges with this process?

1) Loss of valuable time and money:  The upfront research required for the migration will take a dedicated team weeks to conduct. Business requirements, data layer documentation and developer guides must be correctly written for successful implementation. If not done correctly, additional time will be wasted trying to locate defective tags and error codes and data will not be accurately collected.

2) Don’t trust the “Easy Button”: Though Adobe DTM does have an “easy button” to help with this migration, it comes with unforeseen complications and broken data. Several adjustments to the code need to be made in DTM before the migration occurs, while other changes must be made post migration within the Launch platform. If not done properly, this will lead to broken codes (which prevent analytics tags from firing) and many critical errors as the rules in DTM and Launch are different (for example, Launch require manual renaming of rules and allow for rules to be set to trigger an event so that they can be sorted).

3) Not cleansing your current DTM account thus creating a messy migration: This is the time to clean up old third-party tags, legacy analytics codes, your data layer and broken tracking. Keeping things “as-is” without proper cleanup can create a cumbersome process which will cost valuable hours to your team and result in a lack of actionable insights.

4) Poor testing and QA If you wait to the last minute, an integral part of the process is often overlooked: Testing and QA.  This can be a burden to your team if this is bypassed and critical error codes are overlooked. The “Search Discovery” tool that automatically tests everything does not track, test or catch any errors with 3rd party tags. These broken tags are very difficult to identify within Launch, unless you know where to find them.

There are many challenges that come with this important migration and luckily, we have certified Adobe analytics experts who can help brands migrate from DTM to Launch, saving your team time, money and many headaches. Now is the time to start taking critical steps to this migration, as the deadline for is rapidly approaching.

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